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Source: Austin Maxi 1969 to 1981 Haynes Owners Workshop Manual

Technical specification and dimensions as at 1st January 1975 (abridged)

Transverse four cylinder, overhead valve with single overhead camshaft.
1500:capacity 1485cc, 68 b.h.p. @ 5500 rev/min.
1750:capacity 1748cc, 72 b.h.p. @ 4900 rev/min.
1750HL: capacity 1748cc, 91 b.h.p. @ 5250 rev/min.

S.U. Fuel Pump.
Fuel tank capacity 9 gallons.
1500 and 1750: Single HS6 carburetter.
1750HL: Twin S.U. type HS6 Carburettors.

Diaphragm spring 7.75 inches diameter.

Five speed, all synchromesh, remote gear lever.

Front wheel drive,open shafts with constant velocity joints.

Rack and pinion.
Turning circle 33 feet 9 inches
1750 HL only:Alloy spoked steering wheel with simulated leather bound trim.

Independent with hydrolastic displacers connected front to rear.

Hydraulic, servo assisted, front disc/ rear drum brakes.

12 volt 40-Ah battery.
Multi-purpose steering column switch (controlling horn, headlamp flasher, Indicators and dipswitch).
Twin tone horn.
Fresh air heater/ demister with two speed blower.
Two speed windscreen wipers.
Reversing light.
Hazard warning lights.
Cigar lighter.
Heated rear windscreen window.
Combined igniton/ starter switch and steering column lock.
1750 HL: Electric windscreen washer.

Pressed steel disc.
1500 and 1750: 155-13 radial ply tyres.
1750 HL: 165-13 radial ply tyres.


Speedometer with distance recorder. Fuel gauge. Water temperature. Warning lamps to indicate low oil pressure, headlamp high beam, flashers working and no charge.

Four to five seater five door vehicle of all steel unitary construction. Full width parcel shelf at front and rear of vehicle. Latter can be removed if necessary. Walnut veneer fascia incorporating fresh air vents. Twin sun visors. Interior bonnet release. Fitted carpet. Arm rests on door sides. Fully reclining adjustable front seats. Rear bench style seat folds forwards or backwards to create greater luggage space or double bed. Knit-backed expanded vinyl seat coverings. Assisted lift-up rear opening door. Interior and exterior rear view mirror. Wheel trims. Automatic front seat belts.
1750HL only: Padded vinyl fascia panel. Vanity mirror on passenger sun visor. Companion box on each front door. Simulated wooden gear-lever knob. Brushed nylon seating. Front bumper under riders. Full length chrome moulding with coloured PVC insert along sides and rear.

OPTIONAL EXTRAS (1750 only):
Automatic transmission.


Overall height:55.28inches or 140.3cms.
Overall width:64.12inches or 162.9cms.
Overall length:158.33 inches or 402.2cms.
Kerbside weight (approx):
1500/1750-2204lbs or 1000kg.
1750 HL-2216lbs or 1005kg.
Ground clearance (laden): 5.5inches or 14.0cms.

Front seat headroom: 37.5inches or 95.3cms.
Rear seat headroom: 31.66inches or 80.4cms.
Front seat leg reach (max):45inches or 114.3cms.
Rear seat leg reach (max):46inches or or 116.8cms.
Luggage boot height: 16.5inches or 41.9cms.
Luggage boot width: 45.5inches or 115.6cms.
Luggage boot depth: 34inches or 86.4cms.

Source:BL Publication 2923/F (Brochure).

Paint and Trim Colour(s) available.
Roof Vinyls.
Name and Paint Code.
Source: BL Parts Microfiche dated 1985. Austin Maxi Owners Club Archive (Phil Marrison).

Click here to view:
Paint colours
Trim and Roof Vinyl

Paint and trim combinations available

Note The colours and finishes reproduced on the attached pages may vary from the actual colour and or finish. This due to the limitations of the hardware and software used to reproduce them.
Prices between 1969 and 1981

Source: Austin Maxi Volume 2 compiled by Trevor Alder (Transport Source Books) and other publications.



Price (GB£)


24th April 1969

Austin Maxi 1500



15th April 1971

Austin Maxi 1750


including £260 Purchase Tax

31st May 1973

Austin Maxi 1500


Inlcuding delivery charges, number plates and 4 months road tax

27th November 1976

Maxi 1750



18th June 1977

Maxi 1750


Number plates £9.50, Delivery charges £47.50, Automatic Transmission (optional) £318.18.

18th June 1977

Maxi 1750 HL



18th June 1977

Maxi 1500



15th January 1981

Maxi 2 HLS


Automatic £521 extra

15th January 1981

Maxi 2 HL



15th January 1981

Maxi 2L



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