Beaulieu Autojumble 2002


This annual event takes place in September in the grounds of Lord Montague's home...... Beaulieu in the New Forest. The organizers claim that its largest outdoor event of its type in the world. The event takes place over 2 days attracting visitors from the Continent as well as the UK.

As you can see from the picture opposite the event covers several acres with traders occupying a substantial part of the site.

If you do decide to go next year be prepared for the inevitable traffic jams on the way there.

Of course Beaulieu is much more than an Autojumble. If you care you can visit the car-mart (auction)... the showground (see above) ..... the National Motor Museum....the Library......and there is of course the House and grounds.

But what about the Autojumble. Is it worth the trek south? Can you get bargains? Are their many parts to be had for a Maxi. Judge for yourself......

The items below are Drive Flanges (both new) which cost your intrepid reporter £5 each. The seller was an MG Rover Main Dealer who was selling off obsolete stock. It just so happened that they had a small box of Maxi parts which they allowed me to rummage through.The kean-eyed amongst you will already have noticed that the Flange at the bottom is not for a Maxi. This is one of the problems when buying parts at an Autojumble you're never quite sure what you're coming away with. In this case I hadn't noticed the difference between them. Though disappointed I still feel pleased with myself that I managed to buy something that I needed at a such a low cost.

The items above are Brake adjusting valves (both new). One of them was bought from Beaulieu for £10 the other for £65 from a supplier who regularly advertises in Magazines like Practical Classics.

Whilst finds like these are not uncommon the savings made are soon eaten up by the cost of travel. If you don't like jumble
sales ..........

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