The Gallery

Your opportunity to tell us about your Maxi. Send our webmaster a photo(s) and some details about yourself and the car and we will put them in our Gallery (thanks to Michael Iversen of Denmark for this idea).

Click here to scroll through the Gallery, alternatively click the flag opposite the car registration numbers below, to view the car of your choice.

KPE 502K

GBX 549W

YVC 468K

89 92 VE

MK 9329

TBW 774T

AC JE 84 and AC ME 48


VLK 828X

KWP 321K, CBW 437V, AOT 685J and WUK 644T

Registration Unknown

Registration Unknown

Registration unknown

LPU 457J and TBR 941K

EV 58 198

GOM 466W

NIA 7474

XOM 326J

TTN 52S, XGK 929S & BTO 606K

EOE 245V

Registration unknown

F1 5419

BIG 3873 (alias 9778 UI)

VHN 653M

333 BMC

HUR 073

FDD 713T

TDU 602R

WKJ 511J

ORA 745W

GOX 319W

ASG 864W

KOG 862W

FXD 450J

VRA 161N

GWK 980V

Registration unknown

BCK 119V

TOX 725H

SLF 320W

WCM 330M

SEV 402W

MRD 240X

Registration unknown


XGV 768K

IDA 5372

TMA 261V


RTL 477W

UHF 888V
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VEX 585X

Registration unknown

BYB 524X and MNT 412W

UDC 224S

ODG 183W

HRY 170L and PBD 447V

PMJ 398R

HAY 649L

ETG 149V

XON 249T

BVA 111J


GJY 969N

AOT 685J

HTV 786V

NUY 209T

TGU 514R

JLW 862V

MAO 57

CBW 437V


OAP 900W

UMY 962S

KON 994W

JBW 410L

HTF 916N

YBP 577L

WNP 398T

825 AD

MRR 879W

MOA 680X

LOV 476X

XDU 658S

TFJ 202X

WUK 644T

HUD 634L

PLD 353W

NRU 196W

RMF 414L

XNO 412H

VVO 470G

MGX 975W

UTT 838J

NVD 914P

BEA 425T

VKC 130V

SXC 811M

GWW 425T


MFD 465V
XVW 169S
BSL 300
BAT 680T
MXI 1750