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In these days when parts are getting scarce to source one member has found a novel way to solve the growing his own.

Thanks to Pip Taylor for that one - Pip apparently spotted the box - inscribed Leyland Parts - on a local allotment.


Ian Pennick has found the following Maxi related film clips on You-Tube:

If the above links don't work, try entering that part of the link after the "=" sign, into the search video box on the You-Tube site eg for the first film enter "_hszqavzkp0". Have fun.

For archive film footage of the Austin Maxi and the British Motor Industry go to This famous newsreel archive has about 35,000 hours of film footage, spanning 75 years of British and World history. Please note that in order to get free previews, you will have to register with British Pathe'. To view free film footage, key in your subject into the search engine at the top of the page (eg "Austin Maxi", "British Leyland" etc) and then follow the on-line instructions. Make sure that you choose the right options, otherwise you may find yourself buying the film footage you've selected. Some films for you to view:
The British Leyland Maxi (the new Austin Maxi is demonstrated), length 2 mins, ref: 3319.15, No sound.
Special! The Motor Show (the 1969 Earls Court Motor Show London), length 2 mins, ref 2229.38, With sound.

This one comes from Karl Johnny of Sweden. Karl writes : Yes! they have listened to Maxi owners at last .... the Maxi washing sponge!

Nice one.

I recently received the following email. If you've got broadband, take a look see!

Hi, As enthusiasts we felt it was time for the classic car movement to benefit from the opportunities broadband offers, hence the launch of Classic Car TV (see below) . We may not be covering your models just yet but if you like what you see please advise your members or add one of the attached links to your site (simply point to Remember it is totally FREE to view and there is opportunity to get your club and your cars involved. Enjoy

Pip Taylor and his wife Jackie decided to make a Pizza one evening and for this they needed amongst other things, Mozzarella cheese. They found just the right one, a Maxi size packet of Santa Lucia. Perfect!


Did you know that Sir Herbert Austin was partly responsible for the design of the seating in the Shakespeare Memorial Theatres auditorium in Stratford-Upon-Avon, when it was rebuilt in 1932. The seats were unusual at the time, insofar as the arms and seat tipped up when the occupant stood up, thus allowing easier access for the paying punters.


Why not nominate the Maxi as an icon. The Mini has, as has the London Routemaster bus. To nominate the Maxi and to learn more about English icons go to Thanks to Geordie Ian Pennick for that one.

Here's an interesting website found by Club P+P man Phil Marrison. Amongst other things it identifies what films a particular car has appeared in over the years. Try it and see!

According to the Independent Newspaper (25/10/05) the Austin Maestro is still being made in China. Apparently rights to the vehicle were sold some time ago to Chinese manufacturer Etsong. The car called the Etsong Lubao has been subject to a makeover and now has a Toyota engine.

A car called Florence

Fancy giving up your job and driving a Morris Oxford Series 2 to New Zealand and back … all in the name of charity? Well Joanne Bowlt and Tim Nicholson have done just that (July 2005). So far they've raised £10,000 for the British Red Cross. Go to to learn more.

Their cars name by the way is called Florence.