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Information Requested 05 Sept 2012
I'm about to write a new book about a couple who take a 1971 Maxi 1750 across the Atlantic and travel in it
through America (coast to coast) towing a caravan (not sure about the latter yet)

I have discovered on the net that there is a Maxi in the US (at least one) in Harpswell, Maine.
The owner happens to be a Mr Lyn Crider.

I would like contact details to either Eric Copestake from Liverpool who is mentioned at the beginning
of the article and who made the intial discovery or to Mr Crider himself. (Email contact would be ideal).

There are many questions I have, particularly for Mr Crider, which will assist me in writing a more accurate
and perhaps more entertaining account in my book.  It's also to do with how the Maxi is able to withstand
driving conditions in the US from a technical and practical point of view and how American citizens react
when they see such a car.

Your help in this matter is most appreciated.


John B. Goode.

You can contact John at

New Distributor 23 June 2012
WARNING! Purists do not read the following article!

I've had a little problem with my 25D distributor. It kept over advancing the engine due to worn weights but retarding the engine so on tick over it was firing at TDC she was running ok. I looked into getting a reconditioned unit but came across a company in the nearby town of Bromsgrove called Powerspark. They import distributors from the East. (Not only for four cylinder engines but six and eight cylinder too.) They do new 25D and 45D in both points and electronic ignition. A 25D points cost just £25 whilst the EI cost £50 for cash.
It was interesting to talk to Simon. He said they strip them down and rebuild them to make sure they conform to their highest standards. The 25D actually has a 45D shaft because he says it's stronger. It also has an O ring which was lacking in the 25D.
I've forked out for the electronic ignition which is magnetic and not optical as they used to be. They also do EI conversion kits which are available direct from them or on Ebay. I will report back on how well it works. Their web site is:

All the best,
Pip Taylor.

Maxi Info Sought 30 April 2012
Hi ,
New member looking for any info/history on my recent purchase. FXD450J 1971 Green 1750 Maxi which originally lived down South, it appears in several pics from the website in recent years. One owner is mentioned as
Denise Holloway in a 2005 pic. (attached). 2 nd pic is me on the way home after purchasing the car. Unfortuantely there is no big folder of info as is usual with old cars. Was wondering if anyone remembers it, or even better has a folder of history for the car lurking at the bottom of a cupboard. We now reside in Coatbridge, Central Scotland. Any info please mail me (Maurice Bissland) on


Maxi Required for Filming 26 April 2012
I am the director of a British movie that starts shooting this June, called ‘Downhill’.
Set in the Lake District, it’s a comedy about four middle-aged men who haven’t seen each other since school who reunite to go on the 192 mile coast to coast walk. With their differences unchanged since school, and the walk extremely physically challenging, the film charts an arguably terrible idea for a holiday, mixing laugh out loud moments with genuine pathos and sensitivity.
The reason for writing to you is that we have a few flash back scenes to when our lead characters were in their teens and we need a car that their parents drove. We thought an Austin Maxi was perfect for this and wondered if you knew of anyone who might like to have their car featured in a movie.
To give you some background on the key people involved in the project.
The easiest way to get a feel for the sort of work I direct is to have a look at my web site at
Benji Howell, the films producer has produced multi award winning commercials for over 20 years for everyone from Audi to Nike.
Alex Melman, our director of photography has shot several movies including The Libertine with Jonny Depp and The Caller with Luiz Guzman.
Finally and perhaps most importantly we have a very fine cast that includes Karl Theobald (Green Wing, Twenty Twelve), Richard Lumsden (Sense and Sensibility, Sugar Rush) and Ned Dennehy (Tyrannosaur).
We would need the car on June 4th, in north London (a bank holiday for most people!). There are scenes both in the car whilst driving and static. If the owner was interested and approximately the right age, there will be an opportunity to feature as an extra as one of the boys dads and driver. We would not need anyone apart from the owner to drive the car.
Whilst we’ll be able to find a token payment (covering costs and a little more), I’m afraid there’s not enough money in the budget to pay anyone any serious money. It’d have to be more for the experience than the cash!
We’d love you to be involved. The Austin Maxi is such an icon of the 70s.
Kind regards,
James Rouse.
07788 633241.


Help Needed

20 January 2012

Hello, I'm hoping someone can help me source some chrome wheeltrims/hubcaps for my 1979 1750HLS. At the moment my car has non-original plastic Maxi 2 trims, which are generally in OK nick but are missing some of the black caps on the wheelnuts and simply don't look right. I've been on the lookout for a while as I'm getting married next month with the Maxi as my wedding car. Ernie Jackson has been unable to help me on this occasion, so unless eBay suddenly comes to my rescue by chance, I'm hoping someone else in the club might be able to help! I understand from Ernie that I need not only the hubcaps in the middle with the black ring (common with a number of Allegro models) but also some chrome  surrounding trim through which the tyre valves are fed. Can anyone help?

Thanks, Alex Hazle:

Advice Sought 30 July 2011
Hello. I need a little advice if possible! After waiting half a lifetime, I've bought a 1979 1750HLS (YFC 131V), collected just over a week ago. The body/interior etc are near-perfect, and the engine/twin SUs have had a rebuild, so it flies! Though I'm prepared to get my hands a bit mucky, as I'm limited to the street outside my house I hoped someone might be able to recommend a sympathetic mechanic/garage reasonably near to where I live in Bromley. Minor problems include a bit of leaking oil and dodgy headlight switch/electrics on left side of the car, plus it gets the shakes over about 65mph, maybe just a wheel balance issue with its new rear tyres? Changing the oil/air filters and replacing the broom handle in the boot with new tailgate struts I can probably manage... any other suggestions gratefully received! Thanks, Alex Hazle

you can reply to Alex at

Hi Folks

Just to let you know the entry form is available for this years event on the website - we are experiencing some knowledge of website difficulties and it is probably better to copy and paste into a word document.

Webmaster Update: please click here to Download Entry Form , I recommend you save it and then view in word.

All prices have been held for a further year, though we have already had to make the decision that 2012 entry price will be £4.Anyway hope to see you there again this year and any difficulties with entry form please do not hesitate to contact me at


I am trying to organise a small run from BMW’s Plant Oxford to Cofton Park for the Pride of Longbridge event.  In case you are not familiar with The Pride of Longbridge, I have put a couple of links below.
I have managed to get BMW to agree to allow me to start from their car park at the plant.  However, they have asked for it to be low key with no local publicity, but to be honest, I am amazed that they are letting me do it at all, so I think this is a good start.

My aim is to try and get 20 to 25 good examples of a variety of Cowley built cars. The idea is that if I can get good examples, get a few good photos of them assembled at the Plant before we set off, some as we leave and then more when we arrive at the Pride of Longbridge, that this will be attractive to BMW and therefore something that they will see is good publicity for them.  I am hoping that the Austin Federation (who organise the Pride of Longbridge) will write to the MINI Plant Oxford’s Director, Dr Jürgen Hedrich to thank him for letting the run start from the Plant.  With a bit of luck and a lot of being extremely nice to BMW, I might be able to slowly grow the run year on year.  Well, that’s the hope anyway! 

I may have left it a bit late, but I am looking into having some run plaques and flags printed.  I think it would be good if I could get it together as it will give it more of a feel of a run and of a celebration of the two plant’s history together.
Anyway, this is where I need your help!  Do you know of three or four good examples of the Maxi that would be prepared to come on the run.  It is all free of charge but it would probably mean meeting at BMW at about 7.30 to 8.00am in the morning (need to work this out, but I’m open to views and ideas).  I would love to be able to do this and welcome advice, views, comments, support etc. as I have never done anything like this before!
In case it is helpful, my numbers are 01865 765557 and 07929 868284.  Please feel free to pass my details on to anyone one who may be interested in bringing their Maxi or in helping in any way!  If I can get BMW to accept this run as an annual event, I will be inviting rust buckets/projects/rolling restoration etc. along as ultimately I do want to include everyone.
Thank you very much,

My Old Maxi 1st January 2011
Just wondering if you know if my old Maxi is still on the road? It was a purple car reg number WDH 474 N and was first registered at Steve Thompsons garage in Walsall. My Grandfather bought it when it was just one year old and used it until he gave up driving in 1983. He gave it to me in 1984 and i ran it for a year. Unfortunately it was stolen in Morecambe and i never saw it a prat I left ALL of the documentation in the glove box. I dont want it back, i just am curious as to if it survived as I never saw another in that colour! I still have a photo of it somewhere.
Thanks in anticipation
Nick Eveson


Looking for my Fathers Maxi 24th October 2010
Edward Shuttleworth writes: 
I am writing with a request, probably very similar to ones you have seen before.  Many years ago I grew up with my father driving round int he family car, a Denim Blue Austin Maxi.  It is a car with very many memories for me.  Sadly my father passed away a coupl eof years ago but a thought struck me.  I am currently looking to pruchase a family car myself and, knowing what a lovely car it was, camt to the decision that I would love to try and locate the very same car I grew up with, do it up, and use it myself.  If I could not get it running I would pride myself in the knowledge that I tried.  If I cannot get that far, just seeing the old motor again would be a lovely thing for me and my mother.
So I was wondering, after various unfruitful searches, whether yourselves at the Austin Maxi club, could assist in any way shape of form.  Even if it is a case of the old girl has been scrapped (the car that is not my mother :-)  ).
Now my memory is a bit vague on the car but I know it was Denim Blue, 1750 (I think) Austin Maxi.  Registration plate was EKV 517T.  Last seen / used in Coventry, UK in the early to mid 1980's, and owned by Mr B Shuttleworth.
Please any help would be gratefully received. 
My name is Edward Shuttleworth, and my email address is
Many thanks in advance for any help that can be given. 
Best regards
Edward Shuttleworth


Letter From Germany 13th Oct 2010
Roy van der Stad writes 
I found your site and your picture page. 
I am a collector  of old english cars and I have now a Austin Maxi in my collection. The present owner wanted to bring it to a scrapyard but when I heard that I ask him to bring the car to me. Now it is a part of my collection, I cleaned the hole car and looks not so bad I must say. Engine is not runnning now and someone stoled the dashbaord an mirror.
Here I have some pictures that you can put on your website:

Kleve (Germany) near the ducth border

Our First 50 Years 19th May 2010
Jim Page Writes: I have one of the books mentioned 'our first 50 years', produced to celebrate the golden jubilee of the austin motor company and I'm trying to find out a bit more about the book.
Can anyone tell me any more about it? I would greatly appreciate any information.

Please respond to or

Filming Oportunity 11th April 2010
Hello there, I am the producer of a film called Poissions Grillets (a 10 minute short drama set in the late 80s/early 90s) and we are looking to procure the use of some kind of car that would be suitable for the characters vehicle. Condition is largely unimportant though the age of the vehicle would ideally be early 80s and (if possible) slightly worn looking. The characters are two hard up working class young men who accidently find them selves the participants of a grizzly murder. 
Filming will take place on the afternoon / evening of Monday 19th April somewhere in the Ormskirk/Liverpool area and will only take a couple of hours of your time. The cast members will not have to drive the vehicle though the driver may have to carry a passenger and there will be a short sequence where a dead body is pulled out of the boot. You can rest assured that the vehicle will be treated with the upmost respect by the cast and crew (I'm a total car nut myself thought unfortunately my Alfa 75 is off the road at the moment)
If any of your members are wiling or able to help us it would be massively appreciated and whilst we are unable to offer any kind of payment for services rendered we would be willing to help out with the cost of fuel to the location. The film will be getting entered into various film competitions and a free copy of the finished DVD will be included.
I hope that someone is able to help us out with this and we eagerly await your reply.
Yours sincerely, 
Ray F Beard.

Please email:

Maxi Spotted 15th March 2010


My name is Andrew from Newcastle upon Tyne, I have came across an orange Maxi in my local area that appears to have been sat on someones drive for a few years and I thought I would pass on the information to you on the off chance that one of your club members might be interested in rescuing it Here is a link on google street view.. 

Click here for link

Winter Maxi 13th Feb 2010
Kev Sharp writes

In response to R Bevans informative email I would like to inform everyone that I too use my Maxi in winter. These are two photos I have taken recently. The first is in December 2009 and was taken just as I was due to set off from my barracks in Hameln, Germany to drive back to the UK for Christmas leave.That was after one night of snow. The second was taken today ( 13/02.2010) with approx 4 days worth of snow on the car and in the background. As Mr Bevan states Maxi's are excellent in the snow especially when shod with winter tyres as mine is. It has certainly put a lot of modern cars to shame with it's winter performance. Incidentally the second photo was taken after the car had moved for the 1st time in a week and it started 1st time unlike my boss's 2006 Renault Scenic which I then had to jumpstart. I don't know which he found more embarrassing. The fact his car wouldn't start or that it was rescued by a car he has gleefully mocked all year. Oh well never mind.



Winter Wonderland 28th Jan 2010
R Bevan Writes:

I was wondering if i am the only person that uses thier maxi in the winter? Dug mine out of 11" of snow (as it lives outside) recently and was also surprised at how well it started when temperature went down to -10`

Drives great in the snow though - had plenty of strange looks of people wondering why it wasn't getting stuck whilst thier low profile hot hatched tyres spun for fun!
Very worried though at how the salt will be eating away at the old thing!  At least it will eventually go out trying? My son is planning on having the car later in the year when he passes his test - hope it lasts!
Will have to steam clean & wax oil to death in Spring once gritting has stopped. Spending fortune for now at local car was using power hose weekly to clean underside and arches.. Have just had some work done to front lights and also bought new number plates - will take images and post in next few days.. 


World Cup Rally Maxi 7th Jan 2010
Kevin Sharp Writes:

Just thought it might be worth mentioning at the time of writing this email (07/01/2010) the only other World Cup Rally Maxi is for sale on . It looks very tidy although out of my price range especially as it would have to  be shipped back from Italy. Still It might be of interest to other members with deeper pockets than mine


Webmaster: Thanks for that Kevin I see its currently at just over £5,000 with 4 days to go here is the link if anyone is interested


Query from the Netherlands 10th Nov 2009
On my search for rhd non power steering racks for the austin/morris 1800 (1970) i came across your site. i wonder if you could help me any further with this quest. maybe it is possible to put an ad in your clubs parts wanted area?
thanks for your time and trouble. best regards, geert van hout 
scimitar & tvr centre "the workshop"
groenstraat 11a
5071 ea udenhout, the netherlands
tel: + 31 135773727 fax: + 31 135773728 mob: + 31 653431966


Message From Germany 5th Oct 2009
Oliver form Germany writes:

I found your homepage, because I am interested in cars by British Leyland.Unfortunately, there are very few people in Germany that like English cars.

1967-1982 My Father had a car dealership and a large workshop for bmc and BLMC. at that time many british soldiers were customers of ours. I have grown up with big cars and have learned to love them.

The Austin Maxi is a car which I especially like and I have started to look for one with a view to restore it. I found some of these models already in Austria, and also in the Netherlands and Switzerland.

I have a lot of literature about the Austin Maxi and all cars by British Leyland. There are still lovers of this beautiful car left in Europe!

ps: Excuse for my English - it is not the best. But 2010, I really am learning English in my spare time. I have taken google help. Smile ;-)

Webmaster: Thanks for the e-mail Oliver - your English is far better than my German!

Wheel Size 4th Oct 2009
 Bob Bevan writes:

I have noticed other members cars (having looked at the Gallery section) having alloy wheels of different styles.  How do i find out what makes fit regarding pcd and offset of wheels?

I have also noticed on front home page an image of a black coloured maxi that has a spoiler of some sort under front bumper - does anyone know what it was off?

Webmaster: Can any member help Bob out?

World Cup Rally 1970 4th Oct 2009
You may already know my name, as a long-time author of books on classic motoring subjectss, and particularly on rallying.
You will be interested to know, I hope, that I am currently writing a big, fat, glossy book, a retrospective of the famous World Cup Rally of 1970, in which the Maxi figured so valiantly.
The book has to be complete, and delivered, in about four weeks time.
It will be published, by Veloce Publishing, in April 2010, on the 40th Anniversary of the event.
Maybe you know my name - but maybe you do not know that I was also a Travelling Controller on the event itself.
Getting at facts and figures was straightforward enough - and I have already completed an impressive list of interviewing - viz. John Sprinzel, Hannu Mikkola, Brian Culcheth, Rauno Aaltonen, Paddy Hopkirk, Patrick Vanson, Stuart Turner, Peter Browning, Bill Price, Rosemary Smith, Mike Scarlett, Rob Lyall, etc, etc.
 My principal reason for approaching you is on the subject of pictures. Ford and Bill Price have already been generous, Citroen have made promises, John Sprinzel has been helpful, and I already have some stuff of my own - but I would like to add some more images to give me a wider choice.
Do you (or your members) have access to any colour images of the well-known Maxis which competed with honour in the World Cup ? Notably Rosemary's striped-up car, and the 'Red Arrows' car ? Is there any way that you could make one or two of those images available to me - either as electronic copies, or as prints/transparencies (they would, of course, be returned to you after use) ?
[Be assured that I will/can sort out questions of copyright]
I live in Dorset, not far from Dorchester, and my phone number is : 01308 897311
I look forward to hearing from you shortly.
Best Regards,

Austin Maxi 26th Sept 2009
Dave Smith writes:

I was employed as a production engineer at Cowley when the first Maxi's were built in the North Works. I remember that one of the major delays not noted in your writing was the failure of the front subframe on one of the test cars after a large number of the cars had been produced for the launch. This, I believe, was due to the reduction of the metal thickness in the subframe and resulted in the subframe splitting.

In order to overcome this problem the production line had to be modified so that the completed cars could quickly rebuilt with a new front subframe. 

Webmaster: Thanks for the info Dave.

Maxis in NZ 25th Sept 2009

We are the family with 8 maxis in NZ who previously emailed Charles.  We notice in one of the emails on your site a N.Zer Mike Neal (May/June 2008) wanting to know if there is a maxi car club in NZ.  We would like to make contact with him if possible.  Can you either email us his email address or else send him ours.  Also we notice you have a member of your club living in N.Z. who we would also really love to contact.

Jan Ross

Webmaster: I am afraid I can't help you with e-mails - maybe charles still has the info - maybe with luck they will check on here and get back to you.

Advice Required 17th Sept 2009
My father, who is now 87, has decided to stop driving following 65 years of motoring after his MAXI recently failed its MOT. Engine wise its fine having covered 58,000 miles. Bought new in 1980, we would like someone who might put it back on the road, cherish it and hopefully take it to shows rather than scrap it. I believe it to be a 1750 HL. 
Be grateful if someone might signpost me in the best direction and advise what I should do. I can always be reached on 07979 517671.
Phil Pemble

Newcomer to Club 31th Aug 2009
Bob Bevan writes:

Just bought today an orange 1750  again after having not owned one for 20 years.  my first car (which was a burgundy colour) was a maxi and  then my mother bought one (which was sky blue metalic) which i subsequently used - i will scan a "photo" of first car tomorrow (if i can find it) to see if it still exists amongst club and take pics of new purchase.  i will need help in tracking down parts for new project. plan is to run it daily and "do up" with my 16 year old lad ready for him to run when he passes test.    

first things i need are 2 door mirrors, full set of mud flaps & front wing strip, wouldn't mind a new parcel shelf as previous student owner has spoil this one by putting speakers in this one!

P.S Are there any owners in the Oldham Lancashire area i could share info on parts with? Need help with engine mounts particularly keen to look under someones bonnet so i could see how bracket to rear of engine near rad attaches so I can start my search and get the car on the road.

Webmaster: Welcome back to the club!

Dr Who in a Maxi 26th Aug 2009
Ian Pennick Writes:

Back in 1984 ish, ITV did a show called "Jemma Shore Investigates"

Well in one episode, Tom Baker (Well known Ex Doctor!)starred as another Doctor..
Doctor Norman Zeigler as a physiologist... and guess what.. he drove a Russett Brown T reg 1750 !!!
My favourite car driven by my favourite actor !! wow
Two British 70's Icons together!!! hehehehe

Webmaster: Thanks Ian very entertaining

Seat Belts 19th Aug 2009
Would anyone know a supplier of rear seat belts that fit the Maxi ? - would be very grateful for any information. Regards Mark,  07834 191592,  

Webmaster: Can any member help Mark?

Rostyles? 19th Aug 2009

Dave Jackson Writes: Hiya chaps  Firstly, thanks for the help with my wiring problem & for posting my question Got it sorted and MoT’d (the certificate now sits in a frame on the  mantelpiece…) and now floating about the Lancashire B roads in a big, velvety armchair when weather permits.

As well as a tweed jacket, I have since added a dolly sprint steering wheel which dropped straight on and looks very similar to the early ‘HL’ wheel- there’s lot’s about too. 

Anyway I’ve decided that a set of rostyles would really set the car off especially chromed ones. Does anyone know if the rostyle wheels off the MGB or Midget (or any other car for that matter) will fit a Maxi?

Also- thought I’d give you the heads up on a couple of maxis being broken on ebay at the moment (Wigan area). Just type in ‘Maxi engine’ or ‘Maxi Towbar’ and you’ll find them! I’ve been over for a few parts and the vendor seems like a nice chap who is willing to do a deal! Theres plenty of good parts still available too (well, last week anyway)

Contact Dave on

SAN 382S 6th Aug 2009
Hi I was wondering if anyone could tell me anything about my 1977 Austin maxi 1750 if any of the club members owned her just want to get some history for her file the number plate is SAN 382S we have owned her for about 2 years we bought her off eBay for £56.00 from north Wales we know nothing about this wonderful maxi she past her mot we taxed her now we are using her thanks

Please Contact:

webmaster: Does any member have any knowledge of this Maxi?.

BDH 849L 3rd July 2009
Hi,I was wondering if anyone in the club knows the whereabouts of a 1973 1750Hl,reg number BDH 849L. It was owned by my Grandad in the eary 80's and it would be interesting to know if it was still around.
Many thanks
webmaster: According to the DVLA the tax was due on this car on 01 July 1986 so I suspect it has been scrapped - maybe one of our members can remember owning the car after your Grandad.

GTFM Radio 26th June 2009
My name is Ian Edwards, I am a volunteer presenter with GTFM which is a community radio station based in Pontypridd (for more details go to I am a big car nut and present a car show (called Driver's Seat) once a month on the station.
As I have stated, I love cars and Austin Rover in particular (for a number of years I worked for Howells of Cardiff - a main dealer) and because of this passion I am putting together a BMC/BL/ARG "Get Together" Day.
I would be delighted if your club could display a few cars on the day..up to 10 maybe ?
No charge for the stand.... but a small donation would be appreciated..........we are raising money for a lady (she has worked as a cook at Pontypridd High school for many years) who was badly affected by the recent flash floods in the Pontypridd area...because of where she lives, insurance companies will not cover her.  


Look forward to hearing from you...
Ian Edwards
Volunteer presenter GTFM Radio
PS.....also attached are details of the Butty Bay Run which I am also organising.....and pics.
pps.....any chance of a telephone interview with your round the UK Maxi driver for my july show ....please...please ring me .....thanks....Ian

webmaster: Thanks for the Info - I have posted it on the website for our members and I will contact Adam to see if he would like to be interviewed

Modelling The Maxi?

23rd May 2009

Keith Hobbs writes:My nephew collects models of all the cars they have owned over the last 40 years but does not have one of a Maxi. As you are probably aware Dinky and Corgi did not make one. I am currently in the process of making one for him based on photos and a workshop manual but am finding these inadequate to define angles and curvatures for a 3D model. What I would like to do is take a video clip of a real one but don't know where to find one. As I live in Wellingborough I would ideally like to find one in Northamptonshire, UK where I could refer back if necessary. would it be possible to make an appeal to one of your members with a axi nearby to let me video it for this purpose. I should add that this is not a commercial project!

Please contact Keith at 

webmaster: Can anyone help the Keith? if so please contact him directly.

Maxi For Hire? 7th May 2009

Andy Harvey writes: got your email address from the Maxi Owners club site - I'm desperately looking for a Maxi I can hire for my Dad's birthday - we want to recreate one of those those family days out from the 70's!!
Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks

Please Contact Andy at  or telephone: 01460 61650   or 07941 684037

Andy is Located in Somerset

webmaster: Can anyone help the Andy? if so please contact him directly.


4th April 2009

John Allison writes: Do you have any knowledge about , a 'first day' Snowberry White 1500, cable change Maxi OMR 100G ?

webmaster: I regret to tell you that the only thing I know about the car is what is on the DVLA vehicle database: Looks very much like the cars been scrapped. Having said that I will post your email on the club website, you never know someone might remember it and send us an email telling us what happened to it.

Eight Maxi's found in New Zealand

25th March 2009

Jan Ross from New Zealand writes: Hi: Thought you should know, our family in Auckland, New Zealand, has 8 Maxis, either in going condition or under restoration, plus one that may be used for parts or we may get going.  You can add these to your numbers.

webmaster: Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, I asked Jan if she would mind sending me some pictures. This was her reply : Will send photos when my son - who is the expert digital camera man - comes and takes them. Forgot to mention he lives in Tauranga and also has a Maxi and a Riley Elf.  We also have 2 Minis and a 1970 Morris 1300 in our collection.  My husband and sons can’t resist saving old British cars. Cheers. Jan. P.S. We are interested in joining the Maxi Car Club when I get myself organised.

Hazard Warning Lights

23rd March 2009

Dave Jackson writes :

Hello, All!
Was wondering if anyone could help me! I have just replaced both the hazard and brake warning light rocker switches on my Mk1 ½  maxi and like a pillock, cannot remember which wires go where or how many should be in the back of each switch! There’s a green wire and purple wire ‘spare’ and both have female spade type connecters to the ends. I’ve tried various combinations but now’t will get them working. The rocker switches are the all-black plastic type as found on later Maxis. Also I’m struggling to locate the hazard flasher unit (if it is separate!)- indicators worked fine, nothing from the hazards (hence the replacement switch in the 1st place!) Any help in this matter would be gratefully received as it’s MOT time soon! Thanks, Dave

webmaster: Can anyone help the guy, let me know and I'll pass the info onto him.

Dave's Maxi

Hydrolastic Hoses

21st March 2009

Barry Brown writes on the subject of Hydrolastic Hoses: Hi, I have found an article on your website dating back to 2004 saying that Tony Wood has found a way to replace the Hydrolastic crimped hose with a clamped version.  Do you have any info on this please or can you put Tony in touch with me via my email address. I'm restoring a Morris Mini Mk2 and have found that one of my hoses has 'ballooned' and may be the cause of a lopsided car. Any help for another BMC enthusiast would be much appreciated.

webmaster: Please find below part of an article written by one of our members (Phil Marrison), which should answer your questions (if you have any difficulty contacting Tony Wood, try the 1800 club in the first instance.)

Hydrolastic Units........

1. The most common failure of Hydrolastic displacers is that the flexible connecting hoses fail. The original hoses were crimped on, but it is not possible to fit a new hose like this. The pipe you need to crimp to is shrouded by the body of the displacer. This makes it impossible to get the crimp tool into the correct position to deploy it. A solution to this problem has been found by Tony Wood of the 1800 Club, by using a clamp fitting rather than the crimp type. Tony is able to fit new hoses to your displacer for around £35 per displacer, including certified pressure testing (June 2003). Contact details for Tony are:- Tony Wood, 31 All Hallows Road, Bispham, Blackpool FY2 OAS, FAX: 01253 352 730.

Specialist Blast Cleaning Service

19th March 2009

Those of you restoring your car in the Manchester area, might be interested in this email that I recently received.

May I introduce our company’s services which may be of assistance to your Classic Car Club members? As a company located in north Manchester, we have collectively over 25 years experience within the Specialist Blast Cleaning Industry, having completed many different types of projects for a wide range of clients throughout the UK. We offer a variety of services to assist the Classic Car Restoration DIY enthusiast and professional including:

Damage less paint removal from a complete body shell, to doors, bonnets and boot lids using the Armex Baking Soda Blast System. Soda blasting provides an alternative to traditional cleaning methods causing less damage and distress to metal body panels and parts, it is also suitable for use on GRP (Fibre glass) fitments and is a very effective method for the removal of paints and other coatings.

Whether you replace body parts or undertake repairs to the body shell before or after soda blasting is up to you, the thing to bear in mind is that once the paint has been removed, areas requiring repair are easily seen. Take a look at our website  to see how we can assist you.  We offer a collection/delivery service at very competitive rates. Contact us at:
Bedlam Autobody
Unit 19
Grecian Mill
Worsley Road North
M28 3QW
Tel: 01204 578005
Fax: 01204 578025

Retro Custom and Classic Car Show

4th March 2009

Here are details of a forthcoming show in Guildford Surrey:

Hi  Just a quick note to ask if you can please insert the following show information into your events section. This will be the 3rd year the show has run, and its proving more and more popular for all
enthusiasts of Retro, Custom and Classic Cars! We have have some fantastic examples ranging from Spykers to Ferraris and Austins to Volkswagens - even full on Hot Rods and Top Fuel Drag cars! There's loads to see and do - so also makes for a great family day out too ;-)

Retro, Custom and Classic
May 17th 2009
Merrist Wood

More details will be released soon, along with a brand new website, however, if you need any more information or would like to visit or feature the show, please don't hesitate to contact me. Many thanks for your help, Conal, Event Organiser. email:

Dwell Angle

2nd March 2009

London resident Andy Thomas writes: Hello all, I’ve got an old Haynes manual but my Maxi has had a replacement engine with a Ducellier distributor. Can anyone give me the dwell and points gap for this. It’s a single carb 1750 model.

webmaster: According to my Haynes Manual the : Dwell Angle for a Duceiller distributor is 57 degrees. Points gap is 0.0014 to 0.016 (14 to 15 thous). Trust foregoing is of help.

What colour is my Maxi?

27th February 2009

Sean Hannah writes: Hi Everyone I bought my Maxi a few months ago and although it is in very good condition there are a few marks here & there which need touching in, but the problem is I have no history with the car and no one can agree on what colour it is!! Emberglow, Damask and Carmine Red have all been suggested by BL fans up here in Newcastle. Even the guys at the NEC Maxi stand could not agree on the colour! I attach some photos of the car, the colour also seems to change depending on whether it's a dull or bright day! Can anyone help with this?

Club Chairman Mark Pacey: Hi Sean, Of the options you listed, my guess would be Carmine as it looks too bright for either Emberglow or Damask, both of which are deeper reds.  However, if you could send the VIN or car number off the plate that should be fastened to the right hand front valance then it may be possible to get a definitive identification.

Click here for a complete list of colour/ trim combinations for the Maxi.

Sean's car

The Chipping Sodbury 2009 Classic Run.

25th February 2009

Anthony Bourne of Chipping Sodbury Rotary Club writes: Hi. Whilst browsing I came across your website.  Our main fund raising event is a Classic Run which attracts between 150 and 200 entries.  As far as I am aware we have not had an Austin Maxi entered in the past so I wondered if you would place the following ad on the website to see if we can correct that omission.

The Chipping Sodbury 2009 Classic Run.
Sunday 28th June

The Rotary Club of Chipping Sodbury is holding its 14th Classic Run on Sunday 28th June.  This is open to pre 1980 cars and motor cycles and is the Club's main fund raising event of the year.

Entrants will meet about 8am in Broad Street Chipping Sodbury where Bacon Butty Breakfasts will be sold in aid of the RNLI.

After a staggered start from about 9am, the Run will take entrants north towards Gloucester where the route crosses the River Severn.  Heading towards the Forest of Dean there will be a coffee stop about the 40 mile mark before continuing through the Forest.  The route will eventually return across the river via the original Severn Bridge and finish at the Rugby Club in Chipping Sodbury.  On return to Chipping Sodbury a ploughman's lunch will be available and there will be the opportunity to view the other entrants' vehicles and catch up with old friends as well as making new ones.

Anyone interested in entering the Run can obtain an entry form from Anthony Bourne on 01454-772952 or .  The closing date for entries is 17th May to allow entrants to be included in the programme.