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General information

The club was formed in 1989 by its current President Ian Botting. Its aim was and is to preserve and promote the Austin Maxi - a car designed by no less a person than Alec Issigonis (designer of the Mini). The Club has members in the UK, Europe, Australia and the West Indies.

The Club is administered by a committee who are elected by its members at the clubs Annual General Meeting (AGM). Each member elected to the clubs committee has a specific role - Spares, Events, Regalia, Publicity, Membership, Finance, Mahazine Editor, Webmaster, Technical Advisor and Chairman. Club accounts are audited and presented to members at the Clubs AGM each year.

The current postholders are as follows:
President : Ian Botting.
Chairman : Ernie Jackson.
Membership Secretary/ Treasurer : Chris Jackson.
Regalia Secretary : Ernie Jackson.
Events Secretary : Anthony Hall.
Public Relations Officer : Vici Metheringham.
Magazine Editor : Adam Ransom.
Spares and Technical Advisor : Ernie Jackson.
Webmaster : Dennis Wardell.
Regional Representatives :
Phil Marrison
Henry Curran
Eric Copestake
Kevin Stephens
Brian Sharpe
Denise Holloway
Steve Rose
Mark Pacey

For contact details members are referred to the current issue of the Club Magazine "Maximize".

The club provides a number of services to its members. These include the all important parts service. Members can obtain relatively cheap spares from the clubs own stock of spares or from specialist suppliers who advertise in the clubs magazine.

In addition to a parts service the club organizes several social events during the year. Periodically the club manages to coerce an ex-BMC/ BL employee into giving a lecture about some aspect of the British Motor Industry and in particular the Maxi.  

The Club keeps in touch with its members via its magazine Maximize which is published and distributed every two months. Maximize contains feature articles, club news, details of forthcoming events, adverts for car sales and spares.

The Club has a number of regalia items for sale to its members including mugs, ties, model cars, stickers, badges and t-shirts.